Ada Edwards Laughlin Award Presentation 2013

Carol Holms

Carol Holms – 2013 Ada Edwards Laughlin Award Recipient

Since the Ada Edwards Laughlin Award was established in the 1980’s, this chapter has chosen to bestow this prestigious award only fourteen times. The recipient of this award is decided by committee, and is given to a nominee whose behind the scenes contributions are significant and which exemplify the attributes of Ada Edwards Laughlin. Ada was the right-hand woman and often silent partner of Ann Banning, the woman who is credited with being the founder of Assistance League. Ada served as Vice President of Assistance League from its foundation in 1919 until her retirement in 1948.  She was the person responsible for drawing up the original bylaws for the National organization. She was instrumental in outlining the policies for promoting and expanding Assistance League nationwide.

Those who worked with Ada said that her qualities of leadership, financial acumen, and concise, clear vision were coupled with an immense ability for detail. When Anne referred to Ada as Co-Founder of Assistance League, Ada would say “There is but one person who is Founder—Anne Banning. I am her administrator of ideas and money.”

That was the thing with Ada—she was happy to stay in the background. Her contributions and gifts were always behind the scenes and quietly done. Our recipient exemplifies many attributes of Ada Edwards Laughlin. Intelligent, thoughtful, visionary, a true force. She joined our chapter in 1994. She has held many positions throughout the years, always giving her best to Assistance League. She has chaired fund-raisers, she has been a great membership development leader, she has been a remarkable Dental Center Chairman.  She is a past president, who, like many past presidents, was at first reluctant to take the plunge and take on the position. Despite her reticence, she proved to be an innovative, thorough, always available, outgoing and great leader.  Once she was elected to the position she was, and continues to be, a dynamic cheerleader for our organization.

A special area where our awardee shines is in public relations; she is a dynamo!  She truly cares about what Assistance League does, how we do it and what we stand for.  In her vocal and written support of the Pomona Valley chapter, is the overwhelming desire to educate the uneducated, to inform the uninformed, and to spread the word of the philanthropic endeavors with a positive and compelling energy.

Despite her commitment to her family which finds her living a bi-coastal lifestyle, she consistently attends Chamber of Commerce meetings to keep others in the communities informed.  Whether on the west coast or east coast she blows the horn for, and proudly represents what Assistance League does.  

She was the emissary for Assistance League even when we weren’t aware we needed one.  She fights for our positive perception in the community.  No one leaves her side without first hearing about those we have helped or are helping.  She has always been a positive advocate and due to this quality continues to obtain donations for fund-raisers no matter where she travels.

She has spread her enthusiasm not only to her husband, daughter, son and grand children as she promotes us, but to most anyone who will listen.  She is a positive and upbeat representative for Assistance League of Pomona Valley and has been unbelievably generous of her time spent sharing with others. She has impacted the lives of all those around her by her undying devotion to Assistance League and its mission.  It is an honor to present the Ada Edwards Laughlin award to our biggest advocate and dear friend, Carol Holmes.