Shop with Scrip Sales

Assistance League of Pomona Valley is registered with ShopWithScrip, which is a different kind of fundraiser—it turns your everyday shopping into earnings for the organization. The best part? You’ll raise money without having to spend time selling products, asking for donations, or planning events. By paying for your purchases with gift cards, also known as scrip, you’ll earn money on your groceries, gas, dining out, home improvement projects, clothing, travel, and more. It’s easy, it’s rewarding, and it fits perfectly into your busy lifestyle

Gift Cards for over 750 brands ranging from fast food to fine dining to department stores to on-line shopping are available through the ShopWithScrip website. If you would like to enroll in this fundraising program to support ALPV, please contact, and an enrollment email will be sent to you. It only takes a moment to get set up with ShopWithScrip. Thank you for supporting ALPV and happy shopping!