Update on our Dental Center from Dr. Maldonado

pix Dental Center

Many of you have asked about the services and treatments that the dental center provides for many children living in Pomona and the surrounding areas. For some time, our clients have received more than just basic and emergency care. We also provide a variety of advanced dental treatment encompassing everything from space maintainers to simple orthodontic appliances in order to minimize the need for advanced orthodontic treatment. The dental center provides the types of treatments that one would find in a private practice. These include root canals, small and large filling restorations, fluoride treatments, sealants and extractions. At times, antibiotics and analgesics are dispensed to give relief to our patients who require infection control or pain management.

In addition to emergency treatment, a successful recall system is also in place. We have many children that visit us twice a year for their routine cleaning and examination plus radiographs if needed. It is our goal that any child that comes to us for treatment, whether it be an emergency or a cleaning, they will receive optimal dental care.