Operation School Bell® First Summer Distributions

Assistance League® of Pomona Valley’s Operation School Bell® Program held its first ever summer clothing distributions on July 28 and 29 to help children from low income families prepare for the start of school. We were able to provide clothing and books to about 110 children, and parents also found many clothing items from our Community Closet for themselves and other family members.  This was a very successful distribution and we saw lots of happy smiles and comments like “this is like going to Walmart.”  The grateful parents also helped make the day as they made sure we all received hugs.  Well, we are off and running for another school year.

We normally start distributions after school begins but it was clear there were many families needing help sooner.   Because of this we will be adding these summer sessions to our normal distributions held throughout the school year.  Thanks to PUSD for helping with this over the summer.  

Special thanks go out to all of our member-volunteers who helped with the distributions (including Kim Parra our newest member), and to non-member volunteers Sue Daniels, Doris Kading and Karen Johnson for graciously sharing their volunteer time with us.  And, of course, it goes without saying that we are especially grateful to our Operation School Bell and Community Closet Chairmen Stephanie Roberts and Sally Boyd for their tireless work throughout the year on this program.

Here are some of the happy faces…..